Welcome to the AFRICA OSC blog. I hope you find this space informative and relevant.

I started this page after walking into an Africa OSC office thoroughly unprepared for my first day on the job. Looking back on all the lessons I learned the hard way – I thought our Area of Concentration (AOC) needed a site that was specific to what we as African OSCs will encounter.

I’ll never forget my first RSWG where I sat down at the U shaped table after being in my country for only five weeks. My AFRICOM J5 desk officer sat next to me flipping slides I had never seen before. After the fourth slide, and me not knowing anything or my desk officer, I just about reached over and choked him. I am glad I did not as he is one of my fellow African FAOs, OSCs, and someone I call a friend (now and after him utterly failing me!).

After four years of RSWGs, STRWGs, and SCETWGs, I have come to a point where I think I can assist others to further prepare them for the same things I encountered. Of course, I am not the sole know it all for Security Cooperation. Therefore I am using my network of Security Cooperation and Security Assistance professionals to augment my blogs to inform the community better. I hope to have numerous guest bloggers to further expand upon my experiences as an OSC in Africa.

This page should be a place where you can ask for assistance, guidance, and a venue to quickly navigate the programs, processes, and the difficulties of being an African OSC. Hopefully, it will provide you with the “easy button” to being an OSC on the continent. Please feel free to ask for a subject/question so we can blog on it for everyone.

This group is meant for Africa OSCs to discuss freely topics concerning their offices, and for those who can assist them and others. It is not a forum to bash the Combatant or Component Command Staffs, nor is it a forum to bash African militaries. It is oriented towards those who will soon and currently serve as an OSC on the continent. It is open to all, but the administrator will delete posts or comments that detract from the overall purpose of the blog.

Contributions (posts or comments) to the group should be of official or academic value for the broadening of the overall group. Being an OSC on the continent is very difficult. This blog intends to provide a platform for sharing information and concerns in order to synchronize our efforts and to assist fellow OSCs in their efforts.

This blog is not a Department of Defense supported site. All of the blogs, posts, or any other material posted on this site may not and should never be quoted in an official email, website, social media post, or any other communication means.

The views in this entire blog are not those of any United States Government and its numerous agencies. However, views expressed unprofessionally could and should reflect poorly on the author’s reputation as an African Foreign Area Officer.