OER evaluation measures from the CCMD Senior Army FAO

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 7.28.16 PM

As the Combatant Command’s Senior Army FAO was speaking last week I could not scribble her guidance fast enough.  In her words, good OSCs are those who:

  1. Has the ability to look two levels up – think strategically
  2. Does more than is expected of them
  3. Offers solutions, they don’t pass off problems to their boss without providing a solution
  4. Gets along with and influences their peers – team player – can operate well in a U.S. Embassy and the JIIM environment
  5. Steady and unemotional (this does not mean they are unpassionate)
  6. Doesn’t fight new or strange ideas
  7. Communicates effectively with their higher headquarters and their raters
  8. Imaginative and creative
  9. Dependable:
    1. Answers the mail on all missions
    2. Cool under pressure
    3. Leverages systems to accomplish the mission
    4. Ready now for the next position (can pin on the next rank now)
  10. Loyalty – promotes the group and subordinates, never singles themselves out to the detriment of the team
  11. General enthusiasm for what they are doing

Excellent advice and evaluation criteria.

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